Program Focus

4S Jumla Focuses all it’s programme through 4 different thematic approach to contribute it’s mission vision, goal and objectives. 

Health and Education

The capacity of community people to adapt to, respond to or control life challenges and changes lies on their healthy lives. 4S believes in transformation of the rural society in healthy society not only in physical sense but also psycho social, political and economic sense. Maternal Health and nutrition problem in Karnali are enormous and spiraling particularly among the rural poor and greatly impede their self development.

4S Therefore, seeks to integrate a community health as a major component into it’s development programme. We give emphasis preventive measures rather than curative measures. Our health related activities include, Maternal child health, nutrition, sanitation, drinking water supply, capacity building of health workers and institution, health education, mobile health clinic, community drug and immunization.

Sustainable livelihood

A sustainable livelihood encompasses the activities intended to help disadvantaged members of society to meet their daily subsistence in a manner that is dignified, locally appropriate and environmentally sustainable. 4S strongly believes that the principal need of the rural poor is not temporary relief from their suffering but the release and development of their innate intellectual, physical, productive, political and organizing powers to enable them to  undertake development interventions meeting their own short and long term needs.


4S has been devoted to link it’s interventions with the infrastructure development for the sustainable run of programme activities by the community. Followed by the software programme, there have been established various infrastructure systems like drinking water and sanitation, Seabuckthorn extractor system, improved water mill, Community based Trail Bridges,  Micro hydro power, small irrigation system, Storage buildings and collection center, trail road, solar system and community buildings.

Institutional Development (Cross Cutting)

  • Organizational Assessment is done in yearly basis.
  • Operation, human resource, resource mobilization,Governance and financial planning is prepared on the basis of Assessment.
  • Capacity building trainings are organized periodically for the staff on the basis of training need assessment.
  • Review and planning takes place regularly.

Nevertheless, self government is indispensable for sustainable development and is understood in terms of participation and inclusion into governance by empowering the deprived and marginalized population in community. 4S believes that, for development to be relevant and sustainable, it must be planned and undertaken primarily by the respective community from whom it is meant. Development workers, the outsider can help facilitating a participatory process, through which the people organize themselves and collectively analyze their situation, and mobilize their resources and then implement monitor and evaluate the action taken. 

With the perspective to only the quality service delivery to the community can ensure the sustainability of the interventions, 4S/ Jumla is concerned to enhance its capacity by undertaking the following activities.